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We offer Surveying Services

  • Detail topographical survey
  • Gas and Oil Pipe Line
  • City Survey
  • Geodetic Surveying Hydraulic Power Projects
  • Public Health Water Supply & Sewer Lines
  • Thermal power Projects
  • Hydro-graphic Survey
  • Town Planning
  • Hydro-graphic Survey
  • Thermal power Projects
  • Hydro-graphic Survey


It is the art of determining the relative positions of points on, above or beneath the surface of the earth by means of direct or indirect measurements of distance, direction and elevation. The knowledge of surveying is advantageous in many phases of engineering. Practically, every engineering project require

With our distinction in the field of Land Survey, we engaged in rendering top quality survey services in the field of Topographical & Topographic Land Survey Works (Contour Survey). Conducting this survey, we accurately depict topographical features, spot levels, contours and services details of development works of sewer lines, water supply lines and storm water drains. The land survey services offered by us include several types of surveys applicable to various distinctive

Our highly trained and equipped team of professional researcher’s is instrumental in conducting Road, Route Surveys that aid in determining the condition of pavement sub layers & location of any potentially dangerous voids. They prepare extremely authentic and reliable research report, which finds usage in utility mapping of position & depth of various utilities, including PVC and fiber optic. This survey is highly capable in eliminating the requirement of road closures.

Contour Survey examines the weather and atmospheric conditions around the concerned land and passes vital information. Our survey is the system of connecting isopleths lines that depict several weather related integrals. Isopleths stands for equal valued lines and this data is measured in account from the weather stations. Our solutions includes important measurements to forecast the weather’s moisture content, winds, clouds, fog, precipitation, pressure and temperature. These measurements predict the future atmospheric traits.

Physical Survey is a survey of your property that shows the existing condition and improvements. If your property has been surveyed in the past, it is possible that there may be a plat recorded in the courthouse. Often times, these previously recorded plats do not show all information about your property like recent changes. If there has been an addition, new driveway, sidewalk, shed, garage or any change to the property, the recorded plat will not reflect this.

Asked on a graphical method Hyde Project Survey is a survey system under which, both field works and plotting work is performed simultaneously. This survey service is designed keeping in mind the international quality standards and in compliance with the specifications provided by our valued clients.

Highway surveying is a specialized type of land surveying generally conducted for government agencies. After the highway is built, a highway survey can be used to provide an accurate layout of roadways, utilities, storm drainage systems, overhead wires, nearby buildings, and other features of the landscape. This survey service is designed keeping in mind the international quality standards and in compliance with the specifications provided by our valued clients.

We are engaged in providing extremely authentic and detailed Pipe Line Survey solutions to the clients. Offered in accordance with the ISO and CMM standards, these services are executed by a team of proficient professionals. Our services possess high utility and importance for top reputed companies across the nation. Deploying latest technology and advanced machines, we have achieve proximity with the client’s requirements to frame and implement their service modules.

We are backed by a team of competent surveyors and engineers, who possess thorough knowledge of their respective domains, and are able to carry out surveys for a vast range of purposes. The experts use advanced survey instruments and software to accurately calculate the statistics of the area. Further, our professionals maintain transparency in business dealings and employ ethical policies. With their support, we have acquired a rich clientele across the Indian Subcontinent.

We feel pleasure to introducing our company as land survey based company in India and is backed by highly qualified experienced surveyors & engineers also other personnel for executing everything in land survey works all over India and our instruments are sufficient for carrying out various survey works.

We are engaged in rendering Landscape Surveys, Transmission Lines Alignment Surveys, Industrial Development Surveys, Road, Rail And Canal Route Surveys, Slum Cadastral And Socio Economic Surveys, Soil Investigation Survey Services, Transmission Line Survey, Building Survey Service, Geo Technical Survey, Layout Survey Service, Topographic Survey Services, Building/Plane Table Survey Service, Pipeline Survey Service, Rail Survey Services etc

We strive to carry out jobs with a straightforward attitude, working closely with clients, and to provide prompt execution those results in a professional product at a cost-effective fee.
We have been very successful in working with other professionals as part of a team to meet complex development challenges throughout the state of Alaska.
Our policy is to anticipate any issues on a project and give our client a fair and realistic cost and scheduling estimate. We dedicate at least one and sometimes several Professional Land Surveyors to your project. It is very unusual for a company to offer this level of experience. We are proud of our reputation of delivering an outstanding product on-time and on-price.