DGPS Survey

Differential Global Positioning Systems Survey

DGPS Survey achieves higher positional accuracy by making use of the differential capabilities of two GPS antennas linked by a radio signal. We use latest and efficient differential GPS equipment or DGPS instrument for DGPS survey procedure.

Differential GPS working principle is:

  • Distance from minimum 4 satellites determines position,
  • Signal travel time from satellite to antenna determines the distance
  • Calculation by base station is difference between the specified coordinates of its location and those indicated by the satellites,
  • This difference continuously broadcasts a signal to the DGPS receiver or rover by the station,
  • This same difference accurately determines its location by the rover.

DGPS Advantages:

  • Real time data,
  • 3D survey results,
  • 24 hours availability,
  • Worldwide coverage,
  • Not affected by cloud cover, & Higher accuracy.

DGPS Applications:

  • Control establishment and densification,
  • Topographic surveys,
  • Azimuth determination,
  • Collar pick-ups (X;Y;Z)
  • Positions, lines and levels setting-out.

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