Layout Marking

Layout Marking of Site Staking phase typically begins with those features that are underground such as sanitary sewer lines, storm drain lines, water lines, electrical lines etc. Once all underground utilities are installed, the above ground features are staked for construction. The building corners are staked along with any interior grid lines throughout the building, as well as onsite items such as fire hydrants, curb and gutter, walls/planters, catch basins and area drains.

We cover more than 500 projects, including those of Jaipur top most builders, industrialists, institutions, farmers and land developers’ sites property surveys, submission surveys and layout marking work of area more than 1000.00 hectare.

We now offer a broad range of survey solutions including:

  • Early works documentation data capture to support design works,
  • Audit survey, including full as-built models of process plant and underground service models,
  • Audit and manufacturer surveys for structural steel and mechanical placement (SMP),
  • ngoing alignment monitoring surveys for conveyors,
  • rolling mills, gantry cranes and other equipment.

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